It is also known as “banana setting powder” It is utilized to help set makeup after the makeup has been applied. Ben Nye made this powder very popular with his makeup line designed for theatre. The powder loose is composed of yellow and absorbed oil. The powder can be used to conceal deep-set circles, as well as any other imperfections. Jennifer claims that it performs best on medium to dark skin tones. She uses it to hide dark circles under her eyes and lighten her makeup.

Jennifer utilizes a banana powder mix made of white powder, and banana powder. Then she sprinkles the translucent powder as well as banana powder onto an Kleenex and blends the two together. Make use of a makeup sponge apply the powder. The powder is then applied beneath her eyes, in the area around her nose and cheeks. Skin appears fresh and warmer thanks to the combination of the banana and powder. Over the years it’s become the most sought-after cosmetic ingredient. aum3v6yqh3.