The value per year of the imeshare market in America stands at $10.5 billion. This is compared to 8 billion across the US music industry. It’s a huge market with an offer that is appealing to more than 9.9 millions of US households who own timesshare weeks, points or even fractional memberships to Private Residence Clubs that allow members to claim a house for vacation as their own, in a location they love.

But, are you the owner of any timeshares for the rest of your life? Do you truly own it or not? If you choose to love your home on vacation and would like to be the sole owner then you will need to buy all the other owners who own a shares in the timeshare. Documentation for transferring a timeshare is often complicated. Timeshare fees you pay regularly for management and maintenance is significant expenses that pile up over time but doesn’t boost the equity you hold within the properties. We will be sharing timeshare tips on buying timeshare by contacting the owners directly and the best way to transfer your timeshare to someone else.