A restraining or temporary order is a must for your security and wellbeing. Lawyers should have the ability to secure this for you, especially where you’ve evidence of the abuse you have suffered at the hands of the soon-to-be ex-partner.

If you request a restraining order, there’s a chance that you’re wondering what you’ll get. There are five kinds of restraining orders. Four civil restraining orders and one order for criminal conduct. These four civil restraining order categories include civil harassment orders as well as domestic violence orders. the dependant abuse order as well as workplace violence orders. civil restraining orders. Domestic violence restraining orders are the only civil court order that is issued from the Family Court.

It can take some time for a temporary restraining order. If your life is at risk or imminent danger, your attorney might have the ability to secure an emergency protective order to keep you safe even while the courts take their time to review the instance.

Ask your lawyer about obtaining an appropriate restraining in your situation. 2zfp5qzzd1.