A number of women discuss various aspects of their work so that others can gain insight into what they endured.

A conversation one lawyer had with her child. Child asked the lawyer what his father did while the female lawyer explained to her son the fact that his father was the lawyer. The child responded by saying that only women could become lawyers. The tale shows how powerful a female lawyer could be. Her child had a memorable impression when she was her.

A female lawyer explains why she chose to be an attorney. She explained that she had a desire to improve the lives of others. Many people see injustices in the world, and they would like to be a part in changing the injustices that exist for the better. This woman was one of those people who worked hard in order to be where she is today so that she could make a difference.

A female lawyer talks about working hard to get to where she had to be despite the obstacles at her. All these individuals are accomplished in their field. hrlbw5ujf8.