He’s the storm chaser, with strong nerves. He was recently chasing down one of the tornadoes near Gilmore City in Iowa. This devastating tornado did a great deal of damage. This included someone barn roof. There will be massive roof repairs in the aftermath of the disaster. This video will demonstrate the damages and the tornadoes up close.

Storm chasers are risking their lives in order to collect vital data and gather scientific knowledge on twisters. This video starts with Scott desperately trying to reverse his vehicle when he realizes that his vehicle is in close proximity to the twister. The tornado is very large. The storm chaser is close enough that it can see dust being drawn into the swirl. This is a terrifying and incredible moment to see. Then, in the clip, it is possible to see the tornado travel across a highway and strike the barn. Parts of the roof and siding have been ripped away and scattered. There are pieces of debris that land near the courageous storm chaser. In a moment, it looks as if the tornado could hit an unloader. The storm was able escape just in time.