If you’re planning to marry soon It is a great suggestion to look into what kind of engagement ring diamonds is the ideal choice for you and your partner. There are many shapes and sizes that you can choose from to decide on what type of diamond engagement ring that you would like. There are so many different kinds of engagement rings available, including side stone engagement rings, which may be the perfect one for you. In this short video, an expert goes over the different diamond sizes that you can select from.

There are four kinds of diamonds you can have the option of picking such as oval, round and pear. The shapes can vary in dimensions, with a range of .5 CT to 2.5 CT. Whether you want a small diamond, or to have a larger one for all to enjoy, you’ll be able to make it happen with any type of! It’s enjoyable to personalize and choose the right size and shape to suit you and your loved ones. The cost for the shape and size the ring you choose can vary be sure to look into your budget.

Watch this entire video to view these rings, side by side to determine which you prefer the most.