Trees are usually thought of as refuges. They provide shade from rain and wind with their large canopy. They also provide shade from the sun. The reason is that we have built our homes from of such majestic trees. If you’re not cautious but, these massive trees can be a danger for your security as well in your house. It’s important to frequently check on your trees to see if there are any dead branches or other warning indicators that the tree could be falling soon. If you notice any of these warning signs, call an expert tree service right away.

First, look out for colored bark. Massive areas of brown bark on the tree may indicate that there is mold growing inside. It could even shrink over time. It is therefore recommended to take the tree down. Also, look for any areas of loose soil near at the foot of the tree. The roots may have begun to pull the soil up. This could cause the tree in the beginning to tilt to one side , then fall over.