While eating for a few minutes or more in an Mexican eatery is not a problem, there are Mexican food items that are good for you and nutritious. You can still enjoy delicious Mexican meals while staying healthy.

Make these easy changes to the Mexican plate so that it is healthy and nutritious without losing that tasty Mexican flavor. Instead of asking for a burrito and a sauce-laden beef burrito, opt for beans in a burrito. Salad dressings are a good option if you remove the grilled cheese or the additional fajitas as these ingredients can increase the weight of your meal. A simple thing you can apply to your Mexican meals is replacing your white rice with brown rice. Brown rice has fiber, and does not have nearly as many calories as white rice.

To avoid gaining weight in eating at a Mexican eatery, also try to avoid food items that are fried and sugary drinks. Following these steps will allow you to dine at your favourite Mexican restaurant without increasing your waistline.