It can be extremely difficult to deal with losing a dear person. As time passes funeral homes have been trying to find ways to honour the dead with different items to ensure they are always with you wherever you take your journey. It started out with cremation viles. These were tiny vases that contain the ashes of your loved ones. The first thing people realized was that this was insignificant and ugly. What’s changed for cremation service is in the creates of cremation jewelry. This video demonstrates how a woman came up with an enterprise out of necessity because there was no way to adequately store her ashes. Much like a locket having a picture in it that means that the individual can be with you with respect and dignity manner to the rest of their lives. Urns and jars can seem unappealing, but using this innovative method that only requires a small number of ashes to design a truly beautiful piece of jewelry that could carry around with you. 7zoug7ucj8.