Even more troubling, the dissolution marriage may not be recognized by the judge. You could be one of the many who ask “Did my divorcing process occur?”

If you’re unsure of the divorce of your spouse and are unsure of the legality, a divorce lawyer is the best person to talk to. A divorce attorney can help you through each step of the divorce process, making sure that there’s no legal issue.

The court filing fees for divorce must be paid before any divorce proceedings can begin. If nobody has paid this fee, the wedding isn’t considered definitive. “Can you legally divorce yourself with a different jurisdiction, however?” You may wonder.

You definitely need to speak with a divorce lawyer in the event that you and your soon to be former spouse live in different states. Certain procedures need to occur prior to divorces across states can be considered legally valid. In certain cases the divorcee who is living in a different state from the one where the divorce petition is filed might require a trip to the state where the divorce petition is active to participate in court proceedings and mediation processes. 5uuywkexk4.