Feeling relaxed and calm after using cannabis. You may feel sleepy in the morning, high, or both, depending on different cannabis strains.

There are downsides to marijuana but. The thing is, marijuana doesn’t work for everyone. Very few people become incredibly violent following the use of it. It is also possible to become so tired that you are unable to complete any task over a long period of time. The risk of getting drowsy increases to injuries. Some people experience nausea and vomiting after smoking marijuana.

In the aftermath of smoking marijuana for the first time there are a number of negative consequences. Many people experience extreme hunger. Another issue beginners encounter is dry mouth or cottonmouth. If you are smoking marijuana for the first time, ensure you drink lots of water. Alcohol or coffee are dehydrating beverages, so make sure to drink only water.

The negative side effects of smoking marijuana? Yes. Some people feel euphoric. Some people feel paranoid. There is a risk of getting a serious cough following smoking marijuana. People may also take marijuana in different forms like oils or edibles. huagucgjg3.