To combat this To combat this Youtube channel Terrain NRM, offers an effective and simple option to help prevent further degradation of natural environments such as creek banks.

The maintenance of creek banks is essential in ensuring a steady flow of water throughout the seasons. The rivers may dry out in the event that the natural vegetation is removed. It can result in habitat destruction. The negative effects could also be felt by local farms where they have to control weeds and growth.

Herbicides can be used to stop the spread of pests and weeds into farm land. This, however, keeps the native trees from reaching their full height. When you do not spray for a year, trees are then allowed to expand, creating a shaded tree canopy, which prevents overt growth of weeds. The use of more specific herbicides allow trees to flourish by providing the natural revegetation services needed by the environment.

Be wary of chemical use, and allowing indigenous trees to develop the creek bed can stay healthy and strong for the foreseeable future. This allows farmers to be less labor-intensive and avoid the need to use vast quantities of herbicides the near future. caqchbpw8q.