Your mileage on gas could be affected by the age or make of your car, in addition to the kind of gasoline you use. Your gas mileage can be affected by the aerodynamics your truck and its weight. It is a question of whether flat bed trucks improve the amount of miles per gallon you travel or even worsen the problem? Flat beds are lighter and can also alter the aerodynamics. The best way to know for certain of an answer is to check it out.

In a world where gas prices are so expensive that you must know how to pinch every penny to save each ounce of fuel. If having a flat bed could save you money, why to give it a try? It is possible to improve your gas mileage. This was obvious by the results of our test on the highway. It was discovered that drivers could get an extra one mile per gallon during the test. This is a tremendous help when it comes to time.

When testing this out for yourself, there are some things to be aware of. Consider what materials your flat bed is made of. Certain types of materials may be heavier than others, and this may affect how much you get. If you are planning to compare trucks, make sure that they’re exactly the same model and age.