f to fill vacant positions for your medical team. It typically takes between 16 to 70 days find a new position within the healthcare industry. The reasons for this vary, but many could cause this such as a lack of qualified candidates. This video will outline five problems in healthcare staffing and the best way to address them.

As per the video, the main challenge is finding an appropriate candidate for the position. There is almost never a candidate that is an exact match 100% of the time. It is therefore worth taking into consideration candidates who possess 70%-80 percent of experience and qualifications required. There is training available for the rest of 30%-20%. It can take a long time to recruit can also be a problem. That’s why phone or videocall interviews may help speed the process. The issue of budgets can also be a issue. These can be resolved by having flexibility and offering a competitive salary. It is also possible for stable candidates to be hard to locate. On resumes, candidates may have changed jobs frequently. It’s not always an indication of problems. It is important to talk about the potential candidate’s background to understand more. Finally, cultural mismatch could be a common problem. It is possible to fix this by informing the applicant about the culture of your company and observing what they respond to. This video also recommends contacting a healthcare staffing solution business to assist in finding the ideal applicant for your job. It could be nurse jobs, lab tech jobs, radiology tech jobs, or any other related position.