Join your hip bone (femur) to your shinbone (tibia). The majority of ACL injuries can occur during sports, such as football, soccer and basketball which requires sudden changes in direction or jump and land.

Many people hear a pop or get the “popping” sensation within the knee whenever an ACL tear occurs. It is possible that your knee will get a little stiffer or unstable and may be in pain to carry weight. If you believe that your knee injury has caused symptoms or signs of ACL injuries, get urgent medical treatment. A complex system of bones, ligaments and tendons form the joint of your knee. It’s essential to have an immediate and precise diagnosis to assess the extent of the condition and to receive appropriate treatment. Ligaments are strong bands made of connective tissue. They connect bones to one another. One ligament within your middle knee connects with the ACL. It helps stabilize your knee joint and links the thighbone to your shinbone.

ACL injuries are common during exercise and sport activities which can cause stress to the knee.