There are pros and cons. A good option is to create direct cloud connection, which allows all files and data to be saved in the cloud to be retrieved in the event that harm to the first hard drive. Understanding the process can allow users to judge if this is the most appropriate method of keeping your files safe.

It is important to ensure that 802.1Q Encapsulation supports are available on every device. Direct Connect is the only direct connect that can support 802.1Q encryption. Any other equipment won’t function.

The next step is to select the format for the connection to take. First, you can choose the co-located connection option at an address that is direct link. You can do this through contacting direct connect providers near you and seeing which one best fits you and your needs. The next step is to engage with a direct connectivity partner. This involves getting the correct equipment from the direct connect company and then connecting it to your devices. Connecting with the direct connect network.

Please see the attached video to learn more about direct cloud connectivity.