If they believe their employer doesn’t pay wages for overtime or minimum wage or minimum wage, they may file an action for non-taxpayer. Think of yourself as a cabinet maker , and have been contracted to make cabinets to be used in the renovation of your house. There is a way to make a claim through the Department of Labor if an employee was responsible for the project but did not receive a salary.
Legal rights

If you’re confronted with an issue that is legal, you have the right to seek legal counsel. It is among the American small business rights that are often ignored and yet is important in ensuring your rights are secured. An attorney can help you with understanding the law, navigating it, and protecting your rights. If you’re facing an issue with your business you should consider hiring a business attorney to help you through the legal process.

Tax Liability

If you are a business owner as a business owner, you’re responsible for paying taxes on your earnings from business. It is among the American small business rights that often gets misinterpreted. Many small business owners believe they are able to avoid taxes by simply reporting their earnings. But this is incorrect. Companies that fail to pay taxes can face civil penalties, such as penalties and interest. If you’re facing tax owed, it’s vital to seek out the advice of an attorney or accountant to ensure that you are complying with the law. In the case of, say, if you manage an organization for metal roofing and complete all roofing on your own and you are a self-employed contractor, you’ll need to complete a self-employment tax returns and pay tax on the income you earn. You should consult an expert for advice to ensure you’re following the correct procedure.

Lobbying for Congress

The business proprietor, are entitled to the right to lobby Congress to represent your business. Although this is a common American rights for small-sized businesses however, it can be a powerful tool to ensure your voice is heard. You can reach out to your elected representatives if you have any concerns regarding any topic related to your company.