Remodeling your kitchen can cost several hundred dollars to thousands, or million dollars. You have to calculate the average cost of countertops and cabinets. You also have to calculate the typical cost for Kitchen additions, refinishing cabinets for kitchens, and much more.

Although you may think that you or your spouse is well-skilled in kitchen renovation however, the cost for totally remodel your kitchen is nonetheless awe-inspiring. You must make sure you have enough budget for the monthly payments should you be able to hire contractors.

Maybe you can employ contractors to tackle several projects one at a time. Here’s a summary of the cost for various kitchen remodeling projects:

Kitchen cabinet refacing: $2,879 on average
-Average cost of cabinets and counter-tops: $8,350
Cost of kitchen extension between $60,000 and $80,000
Kitchen cabinet redesign costs can vary between $3,200 and $8,500. v4fa32vanl.