The basic idea is that warm water is sent from the chiller and includes all of the heat that needs to be lost. When it is no longer able to absorb heat, the hot water is split into various packages. In the end, the water goes down to the bottom to collect in the basin. Following that, the water is sent back to the chiller where it is able to absorb heat, then return to the original cycle.

Also, cooler air is sucked up through the cooling tower and is flowing through the opposite direction it is compared with the water. The air absorbs the heat from the water, helping to cool it, and also absorbs some of the water, so that the air is fairly humid. The upper part of the apparatus includes a water condenser which aids in decreasing the quantity of water that is being reused. In this way, the person in charge of the apparatus could save some operational costs. This is in turn rejected and returned to the outside environment. e1a8vidtsd.