The video below will highlight the most important questions to ask when making your decision about which lawyer you must choose.

1. Do they have to be licensed?
The first step is to have to determine if the attorney you’re considering hiring is licensed, but legally licensed to practice lawfully in the jurisdiction where the incident occurred. As the video explains, the fact that an attorney’s name is specifically advertised as an attorney for personal injury matters does not mean they’re qualified to handle your case.

2. 2. Whom will you be in with?
In some instances, you will be working in conjunction with a manager as opposed to the lawyer themselves. The paralegal or the case manager typically have several years of experience. There are times when you may want to connect directly with your attorney, with more expertise about the legal system. In either case, it’s important to have a clear idea of the person you’ll be talking to.

3. Do they respond quickly to any of your requests?
A lot of lawyers will inform you upfront how long it takes to respond dependent on the volume of work and their work schedule. If you’re told your wait time may be longer, this may affect how you decide. qhz7jtu4a4.