An injection molding process system develops a preform during the very first step of the procedure. The water bottle then goes in the mold to melt. This is and then cooled rapidly to a temperature less than the range of temperatures for crystallization. The result is a translucent mold. The next step is to heat the preform to temperatures that exceed the temperature at which the glass transition temperature has been reached. Then the preform is stretched with blow molding. It is then it is cooled.

Process of processing Method of Processing

After the single-piece has been shot and blown in the same machine after which the preform of injection molding is cooled to a temperature at a level that is within the threshold for crystallization. However, it remains in a state of thermo-elasticity before it is blown into bottles.

The quality of preform injection molding is in the capacity of the quality of the materials used. It is important that the requirements of design match the capability of the mold.