Invisalign even though they may be embarrassing, is an excellent alternative to braces. It will align your teeth but not make you feel embarrassed about it.
You must be conversant about the basic concepts of Invisalign before using it. If you are looking for quick results with your aligners, it is important to keep the aligners on as long as it is possible. It is best to remove them after eating or drink something, brush and floss the teeth.
It is also important to be aware that the alignment will affect your speech in a slight way. The distortion you experience is common and is something that you need to be conscious of.
In order to restore your smile to normal, it is recommended that you be required to clean your aligners every week. Also, it is essential that your toothbrush as well as flossing are replaced every 2 weeks. The risk of tooth decay is high If you don’t clean your teeth. You will need to adjust your dental schedule. avrt5jtt9a.