wrong. Many people pay nothing to cover collisions and compensation. You should know, though, what’s paid for when you take your car to a collision body shop.
Collision Insurance Which Coverage?

If you’re involved in an incident with another car, whoever has the responsibility is for fixing your car. If you’ve hit a fence, a power pole, the pothole or mailbox, your collision insurance is responsible the cost.

Can I Repair My Car Myself Using Insurance Money?

Yes. It doesn’t matter if you fix your vehicle yourself or take it to an auto body repair shop. There is no need to repair it as long as you own the car. Review the fine print on the policy of your insurance company to be sure.

Do My Kids Have Insurance Coverage When They drive my Car?

If any driver who is connected to you by marriage, adoption or blood including foster children , or legal wards drives the car you have given permission to They’re protected if they hit something. Weather compensation is an example. For instance, you need collision insurance if you slide into a mailbox due to slippery roads or on the ice.