Lawn fertilization firms want customers to purchase a large amount of their fertilizer. Therefore, they often recommend that you apply more fertilizer than your lawn needs. Test half the recommended amount. If this doesn’t help take the dosage up to the highest dose recommended.

Three distinct numbers are displayed on the lawn fertilizer bags. Each number is delineated by a colon. The first is the percentage of nitrogen found in the fertilizer. The potassium percentage will follow. The third number represents the potassium percent. The nitrogen percentage is always going to be the greatest.

The late spring season is the ideal moment to apply fertilizer to your lawn. The lawn might need to be watered after fertilizer has been applied, but heavy rainfall will remove the fertilizer. Once fertilizer is applied, be sure to water your lawn daily with approximately 12 inch.

If it’s been a while since applying fertilizer to your lawn and it hasn’t changed better, then it’s time to get in touch with the professional lawn service company. dr2ujp3poz.